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Just about all of California is LGBT friendly at this point, but gay realtor San Jose recommends exploring the two main visibly gay neighborhoods in the city; Shasta/Hanchette Park and Willow Glen.  These two neighborhoods are within a coveted designation known as “The Rose Garden” which boasts older renovated homes with large yards.

Burbank is also gay-friendly with many beautiful old Art Deco homes but it does not have the café societies and interesting stores, restaurants and markets of Shasta/Hanchette Park. Within Burbank there is a small Victorian and Art Deco neighborhood that consists of smaller tidy cottages that were built in 1938.  It is known as Beverly Place and is considered to be an up and coming area for hipsters.  The rest of Burbank has many large old houses that have been divided into boarding houses.  There are also many marginal and degrading apartment buildings infringing on the architectural integrity of the neighborhood that stifles home prices.

Shasta/Hanchette Park consists of about 76 acres of land boarded by Park Avenue, Magnolia Avenue, Race Street and The Alameda. This used to be a large agricultural park with a race track for horses. In the 1920’s many twentieth century revival homes were built here and many of the original structures and facades have been preserved until this day.  They tend to be single homes with a Spanish Eclectic, Tudor or Craftsmen influence.  Homes in this area are smaller at about 1500 square feet and sell for a little less than mid-century homes in other areas of the city.

The Willow Glen neighborhood is smaller and offers a small-town ambience. This is a pet-friendly neighborhood with dog bowls outside most stores and lots of cafes, boutiques and vintage shops.  The area used to be a big marsh sandwiched between the Gatos Creek and the Guadalupe River.  It was drained and turned into orchards and some of the fruit trees still stand today. Most of the homes were built in the 1920s.

Willow Glen is possibly the most affordable of the gay friendly areas in San Jose. The median price for a home in Willow Glen from January to March, 2013 was $660,000.00. This represents an increase of 22.61% from the first quarter of 2012.

A similar area, the Naglee Park area is a residential subdivision located in Santa Clara Valley that was developed on the estate of Brigadier General Henry Morris Naglee.  It is located in central San Jose. The former grounds of the brigadier’s mansion are now a popular dog park.  The neighborhood boundaries are from Santa Clara Street in the North, William Street on the south, Coyote Creek in the east and 11th Street on the west.   The park is the hub of the neighborhood and parts are still run down. Many have been divided into apartments and boarding houses.  As the area is recovering from a long period of neglect it is considered to be an area that has many investment opportunities.

There are many top San Jose gay realtors in the area that will be more than willing to show you the latest properties on the market!

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