Gay Realtor San Francisco on Selling Your Deal

Gay realtor San Francisco advises sellers, that selling a home is not just about making it attractive, it is also about giving the buyers some kind of deal that they just can’t refuse.  In fact, selling the deal is as important as selling any other aspect of the home whether it be new steel appliances, a remodeled master bath or new wood floors.

If you’re missing the “deal” then gay realtor San Francisco advises you to find an agent who will help you come up with one. You need to give a deal that has a bit of a time limit to it and that also outlines what an amazing bargain the home is sold at your price.  This can be tricky during a down market or recession so be sure that you have a quality agent who knows how to find the right angle to sell in your market.

One key to making this approach work is to forget about the past and move on into the future trying to make the most profit possible. No buyer is ever going to care how much you bought the house for a decade ago or how many thousands you put into the place to renovate it. All a buyer really cares about is what the home is worth now.  Gay realtor San Francisco has noticed that homes that don’t sell are overpriced or being marketed in the wrong kind of light. The deal that you put forth must always describe how the buyer will benefit… sell the benefits!

For some buyers the deal is simply sweetened by the seller displaying an eagerness to sell. Simply put the words “Buyer Must Sell” or “Corporate Relocation” on your For Sale sign for additional attention.  Sometimes you can set your price very low and watch the offers roll in as well, as long as you continue to tout the benefits.

It might also benefit a seller to consult a broker to advertise the deal right on the electronic MLS, which is connected to hundreds of other electronic sites.  Try coming up with a phrase like “Move in May 1st and make no payments until August 1st” or something along those lines.  This is an easy type of offer to make if you’re priced right and are considering a reduction anyway.  You don’t miss the money because you already decided to drop the price but the buyer is left with a great incentive.

Gay Realtor San Francisco has seen this type of “move in for free” tactic work again and again. The caveat can be that this type of incentive is only offered on a full price contract. If this is not possible you can also consider offering other types of incentives such as a purchase furnished, receive a vacation package, free matching scooters and parking or some other kind of advantage. The point is to make the buyer feel that if buy the house, they really win.

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