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San Diego is a very gay-friendly city with scores of wonderful, affordable neighborhoods to settle into but as it is such a huge sprawling metropolis it is a good idea to consult with a gay realtor in the area to familiarize yourself with the absolutely best places to buy. That is because, like most big cities, the character of a neighborhood can change drastically from one block to another, this is just the nature of living in such a diverse and densely populated place.

One of the most popular and affordable of the gay enclaves in San Diego is the University area. It is names after the main strip known as University Avenue and has a mix of housing including cottages, craftsman style bungalows and condos.  The cultural and shopping center is at Park Boulevard and University. Here you will find a wide variety of thrift stores, bakeries, boutiques, restaurants and coffee houses. The area has a great nightlife including dance clubs like the Bourbon Bar and the Lei Lounge.

Another very hip area in San Diego that is home to many LGBT citizens is the one known as Little Italy. This is an area that has enjoyed a bit of a boost thanks to the construction of several new condo towers. The actual area has been around since the early 1900s when Italian immigrants settled it.  The area is home to great coffee shop and restaurants and a famous Farmer’s Market known as the Mercato.  It is maintained by a well-run neighborhood association and is also considered to be one of the safest places to live in San Diego.

If you are a mature gay or lesbian individual who is a working professional then you might enjoy living in the Hillcrest area of San Diego.  This area boasts older, single level Craftsman style homes with large mature gardens and trees.  Hillcrest is a progressive neighborhood that is known for its diversity, specialty stores, ethnic restaurants, gay clubs and bars and shopping.  The area is densely populated and it is one of the few café societies in San Diego. This is a good area for a single gay or lesbian person to settle down in, as it is hard not to bump into someone you know or meet someone new.

More expensive but quite trendy is Kensington. This older neighborhood is located on an upscale enclave on the Mission Valley. It is known for it’s unique Spanish style houses, great restaurants, coffee shop and exciting nightlife.

Just north of downtown is an area called Mission Hills.  This is not a cheap neighborhood to live in because it is one of the most desirable places to live in all of San Diego. The homes here range from huge mansions to craftsman style bungalows to tiny coach houses and cottages. It has it’s own business district and small-town style shopping strip.  It is also very close to the action in nearby Hillcrest.

There are many great reasons to move to San Diego and there are many San Diego gay realtors in the area that will be more than willing to show you the latest properties on the market!

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