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San Diego, California is an enormous city that sprawls along the beach and also into the desert. The metropolis city has many different neighborhoods ranging in price, character and progressiveness. In fact, San Diego has 52 individual areas known as Community Planning areas. That is why it is very important to consult with a gay realtor in San Diego who has some kind of expertise about the most LGBT friendly areas in the area. San Diego is also a naval port that is also in close proximity to the Mexican Border. Tourism, trade, technology and pharmaceutical research also support it.

The downtown is located right on the bay. Balboa Park encompasses an area that has several canyons and mesas to the northeast.  There are many military suburbs north of the city.  In the northeast there are suburbs that are near the Torrey Pines State Reserve. In the South there are the “beach communities” of La Jolla, Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach.

According to financial statistics from Trulio the average listing price of a home in San Diego was $372,000.00 in February of 2012, which is an increase of 24% compared to last year.

One of the cheapest and most popular areas to live is Ridgeview-Webster. It is an area under official revitalization complete with many new economic growth plans. Some of the least expensive homes in the country are located here. It is also near two parks including the Sunshine Berardini Field and Gompers Park.  This area is considered to be a good area for property investment in the future.

Another affordable and popular area is Grant Hill, which is a large development of single-family residential homes and apartments. Homes here go for $250ish. Its wide streets and sidewalks and relatively inexpensive yet large mid-century and Craftsmen style homes characterize the area.

Downtown and Hillcrest still remain the LGBT hotspots. Any of the fine San Diego gay realtors will be able to provide you the specifics of each of the many wonderful neighborhoods of San Diego.

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