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San Bernardino is part of the famous California “Inland Empire” and is situated on the floor of the San Bernardino Valley.  It is about sixty miles east of Los Angeles and residents enjoy beautiful views of the San Bernardino Mountains and the San Bernardino National Forest in the North.  Many creeks run from the foothills in the mountains to feed the Santa Ana River. This gorgeous river with its wildflower beds and bike trails defines the city’s southern border.

Unlike many California cities there is plenty of water in Sand Bernardino as it is built over an aquifer known as the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin. It is also cooler than most central California towns, especially in the winter.  However, warm Santa Ana winds give the town a warmer than usual seasonal temperature in the fall.

It is a very good idea to consult a San Bernardino gay realtor if you plan to move here just simply because many of the neighborhoods in this sprawling town are not commonly named and many of the districts have their own informal mini-downtowns.  The nature of the neighborhoods wildly varies from block to block; the city is home to a large diverse population of Latino, African-American and Mexican-Americans.  There is also a “Chinatown” type area in the north of the city instead of downtown where you usually find it.

Many of the gay bars and gay neighborhoods tend to be south of San Bernardino near Riverside. There is a very good group called The Radical Faeries of the Inland Empire that put on a lot of the events for the LGBT community and they have a website at  Gay bars in the area include the Menagerie, The Hook-Up, the VIP Nightclub and Rudy’s Birthday Kiki Cabin.  There is a very strong drag queen contingent in nearby Riverside. The LGBT life of Los Angeles is also just an hour away.

One of the main attractions in the area is the Santa Ana River Trail, which is a paved trail that gently takes hikers and bikers up into the hill along the river.  It is also known for the Norton Air Force Base Museum and the Santa Fe Station, which is an enormous Spanish Mission style building from the late 18th century. It is also home to the California Theater of the Performing Arts, the Sturges Center for the Fine Arts and the Sinfonia Mexicana.

The price of a home is rising in San Bernardino. The average price per square foot for a place in San Bernardino is $127.00, which is an increase of 33.7% since last fall. As of October 9, 2013 the average listing price for a home for sale in San Bernardino was $229,260.00.

For more information about San Bernardino and its many attractions visit the city’s official website of the city at

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