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Salinas is a sophisticated urban center and home to over fifty art galleries, glamorous restaurants and hotels and fabulous shopping malls. It is in the heart of Salinas Valley, which is a major agricultural center in the U.S.  Food processing and farming are the two main industries in Salinas that supports the largely Hispanic and Asian population. Salinas is sometimes called the Lettuce Capital of California because so many lettuce farms surround it.  In fact, the Salinas valley supplies 75% of the lettuce in the United States. Salinas also produce strawberries, cabbage, watermelon, carrots and spinach.  One of its main employers is Dole Fresh Vegetables.

The name Salinas means “salty marsh” in Spanish but the marshes were drained in the 1700s and 1800s so they could become farming and railway lands. During the nineteenth and twentieth century, thousands of Asians migrated to Salinas to work on the large crop-producing farms as cheap labor.  The actual city of Salinas was founded in 1874, two years after a railway station was built to accommodate the Southern Pacific Railroad.  The city is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Lucia and Gabilan mountain range and is on the Salinas River that runs the length of the Salinas Valley. Today it has a population of 147,840 and the city sprawls on either side of the 10 Interstate.

People who live in Salinas enjoy some of the best wine and cuisine in California. It enjoys the best of cattle-farming and seaside foodie influences. Amazing surf-and-turf type feasts from various five-star restaurants. The city is in close proximity to both fresh seafood and nearby cattle ranches. It is also known for its Chinese food palaces that are everywhere thanks to the high Asian population in the city.

A fun fact is the Salinas is the hometown of Nobel Prize Laureate John Steinbeck who based his socially conscious novels Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath in the town during the depression era.  The Steinbeck House, the John Steinbeck Library and the National Steinbeck Center celebrate his life and Salinas history.

According to our Salinas Gay Realtor the more gay friendly area of town tends to be in the north end of the city and along North Santa Fe Avenue.  This is home to such neighborhood LBGT hangouts as Scheme Restaurant & Bar, the 111 Ultra Lounge, the Paramount Bar, the Rendezvous Bar and the Santa Fe Saloon. Salinas also has a popular, annual Gay Pride Parade.  Ranch, Victorian and revamped mid-century tract housing make up the architectural styles in the area.

Salinas can be an affordable place to live with the average price per square foot for a property only being $198.  As of August 2013 the average listing price for a home in Salinas was $562,662.00.  There are also usually quite a few homes going through the foreclosure process in Salinas; as of August there were 330.

To find the Salinas home that is best for you it is best to consult with a Salinas gay realtor. For more information about Salinas, its attractions and hundreds of neighborhoods go to the Salinas Chamber of Commerce website at

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