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There are many beautiful gay-friendly neighborhoods in Sacramento California.  One of the most popular areas that gay realtors Sacramento can recommend is the area known as Land Park.  It is home to a small zoo, a very large golf course and the very famous old city known as the Tower Theater.  This neighborhood is a mix of homes with the more expensive ones being in the southern part of the neighborhood.  Whether the home is worth millions or a lot less most of the homes in gay-friendly Land Park tend to be in the Tudor or English Manor style.  This is a progressive neighborhood that is also home to Sacramento City College.  There is not much of a rental market here, but you can find foreclosed homes for sale that have been on the market a while.

Another gay realtors Sacramento enclave for the community is East Sacramento, which consists of neighborhoods that are attached to parks. Affordable homes for sale and rentals can be found in the neighborhoods of McKinley, Hershel, East Portal and Lubin. The largest neighborhood in this area is McKinley Park, which is decorated with turn of the century style lamps and older style Manor and Tudor homes.  They are cheaper than the national average without being run-down.

If you like Ranch or Prairie style homes you are likely to find them in the very eastern part of Sacramento known as the Herschel Park area and in the northeast area known as East Portal.  This is where you are more likely to find mid-century modern treasures such as sloping roofs or gigantic dormer windows.  War-era style bungalows are more likely to be found in the Lubin Park area.  This area is also known for its many ethnic restaurants and in particular, Mexican and Italian establishments.

If you are looking to live in a hip little neighborhood full of old wooden Victorians then gay realtors Sacramento recommends investigating Boulevard Park. It has affordable rents and homes, and it is close to Sacramento’s Mid-Town. It is within walking distance of restaurants, movie theaters and bars.   There is less crime in this neighborhood than in others in Sacramento.

Another hip area is Curtis Park, which is just north and east of the Sacramento College. The neighborhood is a mix of Tudor and Ranch homes.  Many are candidates for fixing up and possibly flipping.  A lot of students, hipsters and artists live in this area ~ it is a cheap area to live but it is not very culturally developed. The area is a bit run down and the crime rate is higher. However, if you want to live close to downtown in an area where property is likely to appreciate, then living here might be a good consideration.

Unlike many big cities there is really no concentration of a gay community in downtown Sacramento, possibly because that area of town has a really high crime rate. It is best to stick to the suburbs and areas near parks if you want to live in the gay realtors Sacramento best neighborhoods.

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