Roseville, CA - Peaceful Suburban Gay Lifestyle Near Sacramento

Roseville, formerly Roseville Junction, is a suburb in the metropolitan area of Sacramento, California that grew from being a remote outpost into a large city of 133,680. The city began as a simple railway station called Griders in 1864 and became an official city in 1909. It’s a beautiful, quaint and peaceful place with several streams flowing through it including Dry Creek, Linda Creek and Corby Creek. It has a Mediterranean climate with cool wet winters and hot dry summers that makes it perfect for farming roses and citrus fruit cultivation.

Aside from rose cultivating, Roseville is also well known for being the home of one of the largest Auto Malls in the city.It is also a regional shopping destination and home to Westfield Galleria at Roseville (the second largest shopping mall in California.) The mall itself is very much the center of town. There is also a seventy million dollar complex called “Fountains at Roseville” across the street from the mall that consists of several recreation centers.  Both the mall and the recreation center are huge tourist attractions.

Since 1988, the town has also been steadily redeveloping the downtown core. Several projects have been in the works including the revitalization of the historic downtown, the riverside corridor and an industrial area.  There are many brand new condos, loft spaces, theaters, boutiques, restaurants and galleries in all of these areas. It is an interesting and vital community that is worthy of investment as it is always growing with an eye towards preserving the integrity of the original architecture.

Many people who live here commute to work through State Route 65 that runs through the center of the city or they take Placer County Transit that connects residents to Auburn, Lincoln and Rockline. Roseville connects to Sacramento Regional Transit through its City of Roseville MV Transportation line.  It is the ideal bedroom community with a lot of shopping options but there are not a lot of gay bars. However there is a lot of gay nightlife and community action in nearby Sacramento including hangouts such as The Bolt, Faces Inc., Mercantile Saloon, The Depot, Badlands and the Paradise Club.  You do need a car to live in Roseville for the most part but it is best to consult with a Roseville gay realtor to find out where exactly what investment will suit you the best.

Roseville is a desirable place to live and housing prices can be quite high. The average listing price for a home in this city was $422,079 for the week ending November 13, 2013. House prices have risen since last fall with the average price per square foot of a home here being $179; a 19.3% compared to 2012. There are also bargains and short sales with 327 homes in a state of foreclosure as of November 13, 2013.

Roseville also has quite a few interesting attractions including many historic walking tours, the Roseville Telephone museum, the Maidu Museum and Historic Site and the Roseville Utility Exploration Center.

For more information about Roseville go to the city’s official chamber of commerce website at