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Gay Realtors Palm Springs can recommend many top neighborhoods that embrace the LGBT lifestyle. The entire city is wealthy and progressive in every way.   Located at the western end of the Coachella valley, this is a haven for those who want to live in a resort-like community that is only a two hour drive away from Los Angeles.  The area is very hot and dry; a favorite place for retirees to settle down.

This urbane and sophisticated small city is located in the Colorado Desert and is almost 500 feet above sea level. It is a very healthy place live.  Many residents go hiking in nearby Joshua tree National Park or the Living Desert Park. 

Gay realtors Palm Springs has noted that the city took a massive hit on home values over the past 5 years, but prices are rapidly gaining ground. In the very best neighborhoods you will find million and multi-million dollar, second or third vacation homes of the rich and famous. 

In terms of being affordable with huge upside, just because of the recent past downturn there are two main neighborhoods that are recommended; Las Palmas or Movie Colony area.  The Movie Colony area is a gay enclave that is built up around the old home of Liberace.

In the north end of town known as Las Palmas, property prices are lower because it is windier and dryer there.  Many gay men who have lived in Las Palmas say the lifestyle there is very similar to that of West Hollywood.   If the more active and lively scene is not for you, and your budget is a little less, then you might want to consider looking for properties in the Palmira or Ruth Hardy areas which consist more of remodeled worker’s cottages rather than the grand mansions in the area.  In general the more you look to the north and the east in the city the more affordable the properties become.

There is also a developer in the area called Beau Monde.  The mission of Beau Monde is to building affordable gay and lesbian communities.  One of them is called Liberty Housing. It is always worth looking at Beau Monde and other gay housing developers in Palm Springs to see what unique neighborhood is being built to cater to the LGBT community.

This sandy and hot place that is known for its palm-lined drives and properties is often called the Gay Mecca.  There area all kinds of clubs, restaurants, bars, gyms and movie theaters, and of course hundreds of golf courses in the area.   Outdoors activities abound:  there is horseback riding, hiking and other outdoor pursuits.

There are also many game themed events including the Annual White Party and the annual Dinah Shore Women’s Weekend. This small city is at the top of gay realtors Palm Springs top places to live because it boasts the ultimate vacation lifestyle.

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