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If you are in a hurry to sell your home in order to avoid a foreclosure then gay realtors Palm Springs wants you to know that you may be vulnerable to foreclosure scams.  Are you desperate to sell or you know someone desperate to sell who is at risk of being taken advantage of?

Gay realtors Palm Springs has discovered that these exploiters find out about foreclosures by perusing foreclosure notices in government offices and newspapers. They can also acquire computerized public records that are available to anyone for $30 to $40 per month. You don’t have to be a licensed realtor to have access to this information.

Once the scam artist has identified who you are they will contact you in some way. You could get a phone call, a personal visit, or there could be a flyer left on your car or at your door. Usually this advertisement catches your eye because it says something like “I buy houses for cash!” or “Stop foreclosure by making this one phone call” or “Debt relief plus cash for people with bad credit.” 

Palm Springs gay real estate agents have noticed this scam works well because there is a command to action in the wording that plays with the home owner’s anxiety about possibly never being able to sell their home. When you are desperate to find a solution, a card, flyer or call from a con artist like this can look like you have been sent a miracle from heaven. Wishful thinking prevents people from entertaining the possibility that this offer is less than ethical.

Initial contact typically revolves around a simple message such as “Stop foreclosure with just one phone call,” “I’d like to buy your house,” “You have options,” or “Do you need instant debt relief and CASH?” This contact also frequently contains a “time is of the essence” theme, adding a note of urgency to what is already a stressful and possibly desperate situation. The unaware seller only sees this as a lucky coincidence and not the result of being targeted by crooks.

When you meet with the scam artist you will be promised a fresh start but you will not be told about costly fees for handling your case, or the possibility that you’ll pay large upfront fees and still end up losing your home in foreclosure.  The trick behind it all is that the real buyer of your home may be the scam artist, and he/she will get it for pennies because you will not be able to sell or arrange a loan.

Another mark of this type of scam is the request for the seller to cease all contact with lenders and lawyers. The rescuer tells you he is handling everything when in reality he is limiting your access to all possible financing and waiting so he can take the property. Gay realtors Palm Springs notes that the ultimate indignity in this situation is that you end up being evicted by the scammer who tricked you in the first place!

The single best option if you’re having trouble making your mortgage payment, is to contact one of the licensed, insured professional realtors at ~ they can advise you of many options available to either keep you in your home, or sell your home via a short sale, ensuring you are not held responsible for any shortfall in the loan payoff.

Always and only deal with a professional.

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