Gay Realtor Oakland on Neighborhoods and Architectural Gems

If you want to live in a beautiful historic city then gay realtor Oakland recommends checking out some of the more well preserved older districts.  You see a broad array of historic styles here from the ornate old Victorian to the retro chic mid-century bungalows. As Oakland is in California it is also home to many beautiful Spanish and mission style coop/condominium buildings and single family homes.

One of the poshest areas to live in is the Old Oakland area that is bordered by Washington, Clay and Broadway Avenues. Many of the buildings in this area are the same as they were in the late 1800s, only renovated.  This is a very expensive area to live in but also very popular. The centerpiece of the area is Swan’s Marketplace which is a popular and chic shopping destination that sells both exotic and organic goods.

Another wonderful historic district is The Downtown Oakland Historic District. This includes the unique Tribune Tower which is a mission style piece of architecture designed by Edward R. Foulkes. This is near the beaux-arts style Broadway Building.  There is also the Gothic Revival style of architecture of the Cathedral building and the Art Deco style of the Paramount Theater and the Fox Theater.  Many of the homes in this area also mimic the design styles in the area but gay realtor Oakland warns that it can be hard to find a property or rental in this area without laying down a great deal of money.

If you are fond of the Victorian style then gay realtor Oakland knows that you will enjoy living in the Preservation Park area which has genuine heritage buildings and contemporary knock-offs. The area is known for its gorgeous 19th century fountain.  The area also boasts homes and buildings in other styles including Queen Anne, Shingle and Craftsmen style.

The area also has its own China-town filled with specialty shops and old style American-Chinese Cantonese restaurants. There is plenty mid-century neon to admire in this area that has a huge event called the Chinatown Streetfest that happens every year.

Oakland is a very tasteful city.  The area boats many museums and organizations devoted to architecture including the Art Deco Society of California and the Art Deco Society of California.

Many of the newer developments are located on Lake Merritt which is one of the most gorgeous urban saltwater lakes. There is a huge old theater built in 1926 that screens black and white film accompanied by a piano player tinkling an old style Wurlitzer.  In North Oakland there are new developments in the area of Piedmont which is home to many vintage shops and outdoor cafes.

 The architects that add new developments are sure to make sure that they integrate nicely with the existing historical buildings. If you like to live  in new buildings then we recommend checking out the new townhomes and condos of Oakland’s skyline.  There are many condos that are considered to be jewels shining in the Oakland skyline in New Oakland as well.

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