Modesto California – Gay Lifestyle in An Old-Fashioned Town

Modesto California is a visually picturesque city with 210,000 people in Stanislaus. It is known for being very gay-friendly as well as the Modesto Architecture festival which brings thousands of people to the area every year just to take tours and attend talks about the wonderful examples of mid-century modern styles in the city.  Many of the affordable smaller towns have that unique California style look and were originally built to house immigrant workers

Even though it is quite large it has the air of a much smaller town possibly because of the relaxed warm and dry dessert climate that makes everyone more relaxed.

The economy is agricultural based and the city is surrounded by the hundreds of miles of thriving farmland in the San Joaquin Valley where almonds, apricots, melon’s, peaches, walnuts grow.  The area is also home to scores of different wineries and seventy-five different park. 

One of the great things about Modesto is how central it s located. San Francisco with its larger activist gay community is to the west and Gold Country and Lake Tahoe is to the east. However, downtown Modesto has plenty to offer including an eclectic mix of older heritage buildings and brand new glassy architecture. It is a pedestrian-friendly area with many theaters, restaurants and beautiful historical landmarks such as the Modesto Arch and the Southern Pacific Depot. The downtown is also home to the Historic McHenry Mansion and the McHenry Museum as well as dozens of intriguing sculptures.  There are also five art galleries in the downtown area and numerous theaters and concert venues.

Modesto is officially a Republican-leaning city but it still has a sizeable gay community.  About 25,000 gay people call Modesto home.  The area has three gay bars including a Tiki-themed gay lounge and a gay coffee house called the Queen Bean in the downtown, but there is no special gay area in the city. That is why it is a good idea to consult with a resident gay realtor in the Modesto area to help recommend where the most LGBT positive areas to live are in the city.  To learn more about Modesto in general it is a good idea to visit the Modesto Chamber of Commerce at

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