Los Angeles’ 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Los Angeles Gay Neighborhoods

Los Angeles, the City of Angels.  The city has the second largest LGBT population in the U.S., so as you’d expect, there are a number of areas in the city where the gay and lesbian community gathers. 

West Hollywood, which is technically a city in its own right, sits between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The city’s population includes many gay men, and the city is so LGBT friendly that its official seal is done in rainbow colors.  Condos range from $289,000 to $2.9 million.  Homes start out around $540,000 and can max out at $3 million.

Silver Lake is another popular LGBT area.  There are many historic houses here that don’t really fit any style.  This bohemian, eclectic neighborhood is also where a lot of the historic film studios from the 1920s were located.  The population is fairly mixed, and you’ll find older gay couples living next to young straight ones.  You can purchase a condo for around $549,000 if you can find one for sale.  Single family homes start in the $400,000 range, with the more expensive properties hitting the $3 million mark.  

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