Gay Realtor Long Beach Lifestyle Highlights

Long Beach is one of the hubs of the gay world in the United States and gay realtor Long Beach has sold many homes and properties to beach-loving same sex couples and gay singles.   If you are single this is a particularly good place to meet a new companion because there are hundreds of gay bars all over the city. Many of the gay bars in Long Beach that are actually on the sand are some of the most famous gay bars in the world.

The place is also known for its same sex gyms and wonderful five star restaurants and hotels. Among the most famous and highly rated of places are The Birdcage Coffee Shop,  212 Degrees Bistro,  L’Opera, Utopia and The Two Umbrellas Café.  Gay realtor Long beach has also noted that the area is also known for its “social clubs” including the midtown 1350 Club on St. Anaheim Street.

The neighborhood is also famous for its many game themed festivals and attractions. There are gay boat cruises, pool parties, film festivals, theater festivals, markets and much more.  Several gay pride parades devoted to different historical milestones and cultural events are held in Long Beach every year. There is even a gay zombie walk and a gay street arts festival held every fall on the beach.

If you love culture and entertainment then gay realtor Long Beach knows you will love this vibrant community that has a musical theater run by Broadway vets called Musical Theater West.  There is also the Long Beach playhouse and The Pike which is a huge entertainment complex.

Another amusing attraction in Long Beach is the original Queen Mary ship which is not only haunted but also has a restaurant and a gift shop. The motto of the attraction is “All aboard, Queens!”

Yet another odd attraction in the area is the Gondola Getaway. Right off Bayshore Park in the area you can rent a gondola that takes you to Naples Island off the coast of Long Beach. Here you can enjoy a bit of corny romance with your lover, just as if you had taken a trip to Italy.

Gay realtor Long Beach is quite sure that this is one of the top ten gay-friendly places to live in the world and if you are a free spirit you will likely immensely enjoy living in this beachside paradise.  

Furthermore the city has a wonderful support system for our LGBT community that includes the Center L.B. which offers employment referrals, a line for reporting hate crimes, HIV testing, mental health referrals, educational programs, support programs and cultural and social activities.

If you are gay there are plenty of things to do in this city which also has many affordable places to live. It is also the ideal city for the gay property investor who wants to put their money into supporting gay communities and gay-friendly housing and services.

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