Glendale, CA – Openly Gay Fun Suburban Lifestyle

Glendale is a large sprawling city in Los Angeles County, California that lies at the eastern end of the San Fernando Valley. The city it actually cradled by two large valleys: San Fernando and the San Gabriel.  It is very gay-friendly and is bounded by other cities in the Greater Los Angeles area including Sun Valley, Tun Janga, Burbank, Atwater and Gassel Park. All of these suburbs are connected together through a network of highways including the Golden State, Foothill, Ventura and Glendale Interstate Freeways.

Although there are LADOT, Metro Rapid Transit and Metro buses in Glendale it is a very good idea to have a car if you want to live here. Communities are connected by cloverleaf-interchanges that lead to many fast-food places and strip malls; there is not a lot of café society.

There is no dedicated gay neighborhood in Glendale, which is to be expected of its suburban nature but almost all of the area is LGBT-friendly, it is good to consult with a Glendale gay realtor to find out what is best for your specific needs and desires.  There are many gay bars quite near by including the leather haunt known as the Bullet Bar, a rock alternative cruise bar called MJS and a drag place called Club Cobra.

One of the major attractions in Glendale is the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery that contains the remains of many noted celebrities along with some very bizarre statuary and fake replicas of Renaissance sculptures. It is also known for its big glamorous high-end shopping malls including the Glendale Galleria and the Americas at Grand.  It also has a very famous old bowling alley called the Jewel City Bowl.

Glendale is also located very near the Deukmejian Wilderness Park that is known for its many excellent hiking trails.  Hikers can also explore nearby Mount Gleason. Golfing is also a big past-time in this town and a favorite course of the locals is the Scholl Canya Golf course that offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Golfers who love the challenge of navigating its many rocky outcrops and small hills treasure this golf course.

As it is so conveniently located to all of the major cities in California including Hollywood, Pasadena and Monterey and because it is so scenic houses are not that cheap here.  The average price per square foot for a home here was $357 per square foot this summer and that represents a rise of 16.7% compared to the summer of 2012.  The average listing price for a home here is $744,575.00.  There are short sales and bargains to be had as well as there are 276 homes in the foreclosure process in Glendale as of September 2013.

For more information about Glendale and its many features, attractions and services go the City of Glendale Chamber of Commerce site at