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Fresno, CA – A Hip Gay Lifestyle in a Natural Setting

Fresno, California is in the center of the San Joaquin Valley and the largest city in the Central Valley. It is a technology center and a paradise for nature lovers. Its 509,039 inhabitants enjoy a proximity to Yosemite National Park, Sierra National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park. The inside of the city also has three large parks public parks that include Woodward Park, Shinzen Japanese Gardens and Roeding Park (that has a zoo.).  The city enjoys wet winters and very hot humid climates, and it is known for its many ash trees.

The city is located just 200 miles north of Los Angeles home to many examples of eighties modern roadside architecture as well as old-school mid-century malls and seventies style strip malls and fast-food restaurants. Fresno’s downtown and Chinatown are considered to be particularly historic, in a kitschy kind of way that is found in few places in the United States.  These are neighborhoods that are in a continual state of gentrification and some pockets are more appropriate to live in than others so it is a good idea to consult with a Fresno gay realtor.

A primary “gayborhood” in the northeast part of city is called the Tower District because it is centered around the historic Art Deco Tower Theater, which is included on the National List of Historic Places.  The area is known for its wonderful architecture and including homes built in the California Bungalow, American Craftsman, Mediterranean Revival, Mission Revival and Storybook styles.

The streets around the Tower boast many shops, theaters and dinner theaters as well as a diverse number of ethnic restaurants and shops.  Events celebrated in the community include Jamaica Weekend, Mardi Gras, the Gay Pride Parade and A Taste of the Tower.

The Tower community is also known for its hipster art and heavy metal, punk and Goth music communities.  The most avante-garde bookstores and clubs operate on or near Olive Avenue in the Tower neighborhood and this is also the center of the gayborhood café society.

The Old Fig Garden is wealthier, more established neighborhood that is the site of the city’s annual Christmas Boulevard during the holidays.  This area is filled with glamorous old ranch-style and Art Deco homes.

On the southeast side of Fresno is a neighborhood known as Sunnyside in which many mid-century tract houses are being rehabilitated.  This area is named after the nearby Sunnyside Country Club that contains a large, historic well-known golf course.

There are quite a few interesting gay bars in Fresno including The Phoenix, Club Legends, the North Tower Circle and the Red Lantern.  Many of the local hotels foster gay weddings and there are also quite a few gay-friendly churches.

Fresno also has many interesting museums including the Frestiere Underground Gardens, the Fresno Art Museum, and the Arte Americas.  It is also home to many smaller museums housed in Art Deco mansions such as the Meux Home museum.

For more information about Fresno’s many attractions and features, visit the city’s official government website at