Escondido, CA, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Escondido Gay Neighborhoods

Escondido, California, sits only about 30 miles away from San Diego in a shallow valley surrounded by a number or rocky hills. It’s one of the oldest cities in the county and is home to almost 150,000 people. The city was once a major agricultural center that focused on growing grapes, but it has changed focus over the years, being known for oranges, lemons, olives, walnuts, and avocados until the 1970s, when the housing market took over and much of the farmland and orchards were developed. Today, medical, educational, and retail make up the biggest economic leaders of the city.

Like many cities in California, Escondido is LGBT friendly and welcoming. While there’s not a gay neighborhood as there is in nearby San Diego (Hillcrest), you’ll still find many LGBT people living in Escondido, especially since it’s not quite as large or as expensive as San Diego.  Condos here can cost you anywhere from $150,000 to $519,000. Single family homes are priced starting at $150,000 and ending at almost $3 million.

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