Antioch, CA 2015 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Antioch Gay Neighborhoods

Antioch, California, is a part of the San Francisco Bay Area and is considered a suburb of both Oakland and San Francisco.  As such, it’s a very open city.  It includes a number of different LGBT businesses, including the Rainbow Community Center and a LGBT counseling center.  There are a number of different gay bars and clubs in the area, too.

Antioch holds a 114 on the ePodunk gay index, which means it has more than the national average of LGBT households.  It has an especially high number of lesbian couples and holds a 142 on the list, meaning it has 42% higher than the norm.  This is reflected in the fact that gay and lesbian couples live throughout Antioch. 

Antioch isn’t known for having a huge number of condos, but there are some available.  They start at around $100,000 and top out at around $342,000.  Single family homes begin at around $160,000 and max out at $700,000.

Antioch Gay Realtors