Tucson's Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Tucson Top Gay Neighborhoods

Tucson, Arizona, is the second-largest city in the state.  The city is nicknamed Optics Valley because of the many companies in the city that operate in the optics industry, and many of its residents work in this area.  Tucson is the county seat of Pima County, the only county in which residents overwhelmingly voted against the state’s gay marriage ban of 2013.

Because it’s the home of most of the more liberal-minded residents of Arizona, Tucson doesn’t have much of a gay neighborhood.  However, many of the LGBT activities in the city focus around Fourth Avenue and the downtown areas.  The area around the University of Arizona also often hosts LGBT events associated with the university.

Condos in Tucson start at $130,000.  The largest and most luxurious, however, may cost as much as $750,000.  Single family homes may start out around $70,000 for a small residence, but can reach $13 million for mansions.

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