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Gay realtor Tucson sees this Arizona city as a mecca for different Southwestern home architecture and design. Many of the homes here are hybrids of the modern with the ancient. Older adobe style homes have merged with the contemporary to create real gems that are perfect for the weather extremes associated with desert living. Many of the newer versions of the Spanish mission and adobe homes familiar to the southwest now have wind mills and solar energy which means that many of these homes can run off grid. Many of these homes also have water collection systems for irrigating gardens and for collecting water for use inside the home.

One of the most common feature of these homes, that tend to be a mix of both native American and Spanish influences, are naked log beams lining the ceiling. Some homes will have beams made of aspen and split cedar poles that poke through the actual home walls through to the exterior of the structure. Mission style homes like this are quite elegant, but simple looking.  Many of them are also villa style with beautiful open courtyards either attached to the side of the home or in the center of the home.  Many of the Tuscon villas have a central courtyard, often with a pool or a splashing fountain in the middle that is easily accessible to all of the apartments that circle it.  Gay realtor Tucson has also noted that lintels, a cross shape made of wood, is also usually in place above the windows.

Many homes with southwestern design have little alcoves and sculpted staircases inside that meld with the adobe walls of the building. Originally the alcoves were used by missionaries to display religious objects but nowadays they are used to display art, photographs and flower arrangements. The false staircases leading to nowhere are usually found on either side of a fireplace or as part of a wall to separate one room for another. Gay realtor Tucson has noted that many people place plants, books or sculptures on these natural looking interior steps.

Homes that open up into courtyards are often advertised as Hacienda style homes.  Some of the most gorgeous homes for sale in Tucson are in the Hacienda style and feature pocketed gardens along the side of the building. Sometimes water features are built right into the walls of the building as well.

In Tucson many of the roofs of these Spanish style are flat. The exteriors of these houses tend to be all stucco. It weathers well and helps keep the heat out during the day and the chill out during the night.  Stucco is the building material of choice with the desert extremes in temperature.

The gay realtor Tucson can help you find elegant, practical and affordable places to live whether you are looking to reside in the busy downtown district or in one of the city’s many popular suburbs.

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