Scottsdale, AZ Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Scottsdale Gay Neighborhoods

If you’re moving to Arizona, you might think about settling down in Scottsdale.  This city has grown from a mere 2000 when it was incorporated in 1951 to more than 230,000.  It’s been called Arizona’s version of South Beach due to its active night life.  The fact that it’s near Phoenix and many other suburbs makes it a great place for commuters.  The city has been named as one of the Most Livable and is often known for its golf course; in fact, tourism is the state’s largest employer.

Scottsdale also has some of the best homes in the Phoenix area.  With many different art galleries, shopping centers, and resorts, it certainly has a lot to offer its LGBT residents.  One part of town that has attracted many is Old Town.  This area has a western theme to it and is home to many of the galleries, museums, and other businesses that focus on the city’s and state’s western heritage. 

Condos in Scottsdale range from $62,000 to $2.3 million.  Single family homes start out at $90,000 and top out at around $10 million.

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