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Mesa, Arizona is situated about twenty miles east of Phoenix in the East Valley section of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  This is a huge residential and commercial area that is bordered by Tempe to the West, the Apache Junction on the east, Chandler and Gilbert to the south and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community to the North.  It is the third largest city in Arizona and is home to 439,041 people. This is a peaceful city with a low crime rate so you don’t hear much about it in the news. However, Mesa is actually larger than cities like Greensboro, St. Louis and Miami (even though Mesa is less known.) 

This city has come a long ways from when it one square mile wide when it was founded on July 17, 1878. Mesa used to be a fairly sparsely populated place until the 1940s onwards when power plants and huge military bases, namely Falcon Field and Williams Field caused the population to explode. The result today is that you will find lots of real estate and buildings that are built in the style of the fifties and sixties.  If you love mid-century Southwestern architectural styles you will love it here.

As the city is so big it is often divided into East and West Mesa.  Center Street that runs north and south bisects the city. The city is huge and it is best to consult with a Mesa gay realtor to find the home that is best for you.  Not every neighborhood is LGBT- friendly and it is not known for its openly gay lifestyle.

Still there are some very nice neighborhoods in Mesa. Las Sendas in the northeast part of Mesa is a high-end community that is known for its prestigious golf clubs and wonderful swimming pools, tennis clubs and parks.  The homes have huge lots and are located in beautifully landscaped desert scrub.

Another beautiful area according to our Mesa Gay Realtor is The Groves, which is located in the center of town north of University Avenue, to Brown Road and East of Lindsay Road to Greenfield.  This is a very safe family area that gets its names from the hundreds of citrus trees that grow in every back yard. There are also parks with ponds on every block. The homes are huge; an average size is between 2000 and 6000 square feet.

The Villa Tuscano is a luxury home subdivision located off of Val Vista Drive. If you want a great deal of  privacy, then it is recommended that you explore the options in this gated community. The developers are proud of this area’s very high-priced custom homes with a unique architectural design.

Mesa is very well-known for its posh golf courses with gated communities built around them. A good example is the Clubhouse village, which is a big subdivision full of retirees and golfers located at the Alta Meta Clubhouse.

For more information about the attractions and features of Mesa, Arizona go to the Official website of the City of Mesa at

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