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Anchorage, Alaska is seen as the business center of Alaska. This gorgeous city a bit more laid back than most, is on the south coast of the state and nestled on point that is ringed with mountains. Furthermore this is quite a progressive city as it attracts researchers, scientists and highly educated professionals.  The gay community is active, progressive and harmonious with the main population for the most part.

The most LGBT positive area of the city is in midtown district. This is an area north of Chester creek that is very easily accessible from Anchorage’s downtown waterfront.  This area has a thriving live music and performing arts scenes with many bars and clubs offering everything fro theater to comedy to jazz and blues.  The city is also known for many lively dance clubs, both gay and straight and Karaoke bars with contests are a big favorite.

The downtown district is near the waterfront and it is more commercial than the mid-town area. There are more McDonalds and chain stores but there are also many five star restaurants in this area.  This is a very tourist focused area with not too many gay bars.  The gay life, including the Gay and Lesbian Community Center is focused there as are many fun gay bars including Mad Myrna’s, Bernie’s Bungalow, The Raven and Ginger.  The Kodiak Bar and Grill and the Snow city Café are also very gay positive.

If you are looking to get closer to nature and away from the bustle of the Downtown and Midtown Areas then you can move too East Anchorage which is close to both the enormous Far North Bicentennial Park, the Alaska Zoo and the Hilltop Ski Area. This is a peaceful area close to indigenous populations that sell their arts and crafts locally. There is not a great deal of nightlife here.

If you like the feel of a small town then you might want to check into the Girdwood District which is resort town about forty miles away from downtown. It is the community at the base of Mount Alyeska and offers a resort lifestyle that includes many five star spas, specialty stores, five star restaurants and all manner of snow sports.  Gridwood also offers cycling and hiking in the summer months.

So how much can it cost to live in this great place?  The average price per square foot from March 13 to May 13, 2013 was $134.00, which is a very slight increase of .8% compared to the same period in 2012.  As of truth the average listing price for homes for sale in Anchorage was $377,197.00.

There are also many LGBT positive bed and breakfasts you can stay in including the Jewel Lake, Copper Whale, city Garden and A Wildflower Inn.  These places offer a friendly and highly rated experience for gay people to stay in while they search for investment properties.  It is also a good idea to consult with the services of a gay realtor in Anchorage, Alaska who knows the city well to help you locate a home. For more information about the city in general you can always find out more information at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce at

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