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If you are looking for lifestyle gay realtor Birmingham has some suggestions as to where in Birmingham you should buy or invest.  There are several quite interesting areas that are also gay-friendly and very safe which is important in this city that in the past has had some racial strife and other issues.

Probably the hippest place to buy in Birmingham is Homewood. It is lower-middle class with well-maintained affordable bungalows that have been rehabbed into affordable homes. It is near Mayfair and Hollywood which is a neighborhood that has mainly Art Deco and Spanish mission style housing. Most of the homes in this historical area were built in the 1920s and have a humorous ambience that is fun and elegant at the same time.

Red Mountain is one of the richest and safest neighborhoods in Birmingham, Alabama. However it is quite expensive to buy here. The area is a “college neighbourhood” next to a famous educational institution called Altamont. It is one of the top preparatory schools in the country and it attracts the children of the very wealthy.  This area is also home to the University of Alabama and its huge medical facilities. If you are a professor or doctor, living in this general area is recommended by gay realtor Birmingham.

Southside is another huge area that is desirable to live in if you are buying in Birmingham.  Within Southside are two very posh neighborhoods ~ one is Forest Park and the other is Redmont Park. After doing a little research gay realtor Birmingham has found out that most of these homes were built between 1914 and 1925, and many are well preserved historically. Gentrification has not taken over the area to the extent that the homes have lost their turn-of-the-century charm. These rich areas are located on the side of a 350 tall ridge that overlooks the city on the side of Red Mountain. Each of these neighborhoods are small and only have a couple of hundred of homes each. This makes it a hard place to buy in because there are so few homes. Consider too that Southside also provides the best entertainment, restaurants and nightlife in the city and you will understand why it is such a desirable neighborhood in Birmingham to live.

The home of Birmingham’s upper class is in Mountain Brook. These are the family suburbs of the city that have the best-schools, a private country club and forested home. However gay realtor Birmingham advises you that this is not the most gay-friendly area of Birmingham simply because it is part of the Bible belt. There is plenty of nouveau riche in the area but if you buy a house in this quite exclusive god-fearing area, it’s possible you may not have the best reception.  The same can be said of Liberty Park which is located near wetlands and a golf-course.

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