Gay Realtor Vancouver | British Columbia

Vancouver can be described as one of the most amazing cities on the planet, and also one of the most expensive.

Vancouver, British Colombia in Canada has long been known for having the largest gay and lesbian population in Western Canada. Gay and lesbian people from all over the world know it as a great place to live, work, go out and have a generally good time with new acquaintances and new friends. Many gays and lesbians come to Vancouver for vacation purposes as well since the night life is highly geared towards fun times with great international food, great drinks, and great people. There are only a few other places around the world that compare to the gay and lesbian friendly population that lives and works in Vancouver.

One of the most popular destinations and places to live in Vancouver for the LGBT community is called the West End. They have really nice cafes, diners, and a great night life for all who come to the neighborhood. One of the most popular destinations for the lesbian community is called Commercial Drive. They have many different stores and shops as well as places to eat and drink. Also, just as with the West End, they have a thriving night life scene as well. Vancouver, British Colombia has gotten in on the start of this economic boom, and it will not go anywhere anytime soon.

Don’t miss the great neighborhoods, amazing waterfront properties, view homes, and of course the nude beach during your house hunting.

Vancouver has capitalized on the market directed towards the LGBT community and they have built many different hotels, bars, restaurants, and other establishments geared specifically towards the gay and lesbian community. This may seem like something that not many places do, but in all actuality, this is a very good business model to follow. The places like Vancouver who can get in on the model in the beginning can profit a great deal and they get very good publicity online, in the news, and by word of mouth, which is the best type of publicity.

Vancouver is an amazing city, full of life and love ~ outdoor activities and scenic beauty that will take your breath away… welcome home.