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Milwaukee, WI Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Wisconsin is one of those states that people seem to assume are made entirely of flat farmland; however, Milwaukee, Wisconsin is actually a pretty densely populated cityscape. It's the 31st most populated city in the country and boasts a metropolitan atmosphere that is delightfully racially diverse. Space is remarkably cheap for how populated the city is as many homes with 3 or more bedrooms can be found in the ballpark of $150,000. Most sold homes don't go over $200,000; however, it is fairly

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Milwaukee’s 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Milwaukee is the largest city is Wisconsin.  The city is known for its breweries, but it’s also home to a number of other draws.  The Milwaukee Riverwalk provides citizens with a lovely view of the Milwaukee River, while the art museum and repertory theater provide indoor activities. Milwaukee does have a number of gay-friendly communities; in fact, Girlfriends Magazine named the city as the #1 home for lesbians.  The main LGBT neighborhood is Walker’s Point.  Ho

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Gay Realtor Milwaukee | Real Estate | Housing

Gay realtor Milwaukee has noted that there are several great neighborhoods to live in if you want to move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Whether you are looking to live in the epicenter of the city or in one of its lovely suburbs you are sure to find a spot that is right for your lifestyle.  This is also a great city to do some property investing in, because the housing styles and communities are so diversified. This is a busy city that holds a lot of optimism for the future. One of the hi

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Gay Realtor Milwaukee | Real Estate | Neighborhoods

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is located on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan and is known for beer manufacturing. Milwaukee is a highly developed cultural center with a long boardwalk known as the Milwaukee Riverwalk, a huge cultural center attached to the Milwaukee Art Museum known as Miller Park and the U.S. Celluar Arena. The waterfront is shining with the glass and steel spires of new condos, lofts and apartments.  Just southwest of the city are suburbs on the Kettle Moraine that are close t

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Gay Realtor Milwaukee Top Neighborhoods

Gay Realtor Milwaukee reports there is a lot to say about all of the great happenings around the city for gay visitors and gay residents. Milwaukee’s roots brewed deep in the working class tradition of the industrial revolution, and of course, beer bottlers. Yet the city has evolved and expanded to embrace changing times and our LGBT community as a whole. There is the LGBT Community Center, a feature many large cities do not even offer to residents. In addition, there is the draw of a hand

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