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Dallas, TX, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Dallas, Texas, is the third-largest city in Texas with its population of 1.1 million. Beyond that, it’s one of the two central cities of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, a huge economic center that spans 12 counties and is home to more than 7 million people. This massive area is the fourth-most populous in the U.S. Dallas is known for many things, including its museums, architecture, and acceptance of LGBT individuals. It has the sixth largest LGBT community in the country and is known f

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Dallas\' 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Dallas is one of the largest cities in Texas.  It’s also a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area.  The city is home to many different restaurants, museums, and more.  There are a few major LGBT neighborhoods in Dallas proper. Oak Lawn, also called the Strip, is located a few miles north of the downtown area.  It’s a trendy neighborhood with many different coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and more.  Single family homes in Oak Lawn run anywhere from $115,00

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Gay Realtor Dallas | Housing Options | Real Estate

Dallas, Texas is the ninth most populated city in Texas and it is one-fifth part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplox which is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States. Being such a big city with a dense population downtown has many different neighborhoods ranging in price and character. That is why it is very important to consult with a gay realtor Dallas housing expert who knows the city well and is willing to help you get the best deal possible.  The city was founded amon

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Anti-LGBT Dallas Builder that Donated Millions ~ Dies.

Articles like this show how important it is to work with a gay, lesbian or gay friendly realtor that is in tune with what is happening in the community. The Dallas Gay Realtors at represent home buyers FREE! Perry’s contribution of $110,000 to a PAC supporting the anti-gay amendment, caused many in the LGBT community to boycott his properties. In Oak Lawn, Perry built The Reserve at Reagan and Wycliff Place. Downtown he built City View at Farmer’s Market. Gay real

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Gay Realtors Dallas | Neighborhoods | Housing

Dallas, Texas in on the gay realtors Dallas list of top cities to live in.  One of the wealthiest communities in Dallas is also very well known as a gay-friendly community.  This is the neighborhood of Oak Lawn that began as an “activist” and counter-culture community in the sixties and became huge gay hub by the 1980s.  The main intersection of the Dallas Oakland area is the intersection of Throckmorton Street and Cedar Springs Road.  This area is located just n

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Gay Real Estate Dallas | Buying A Ranch | Texas Properties

Gay real estate Dallas wants to warn buyers of ranches that there is a lot more to them than just a charming and rustic property. Many of them can cost thousands and even millions in terms of their upkeep. That is because Dallas ranches tend to be huge sprawling affairs with several buildings, miles of fences and multiple barns and out buildings on them. If  you are going to buy a ranch then gay real estate Dallas advises hiring someone to manage your ranch for you. That is because everyth

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Gay Realtor Dallas Discusses the Marathon Game of Property Investment

Gay realtor Dallas likes to compare the process of becoming wealthy through real estate investment to running a marathon. That is because real estate investing is not always about getting rich quick, although it can be if you are intelligent enough to exploit the right market at the right time. However usually the winner at real estate investing is the one that has a bit of stamina and can hang in there.  They are not daunted in the least by any sign of a drooping economy. Most successful

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Gay Realtor Dallas - The Solution for LGBT Couples

LGBT couples anywhere may feel discriminated against when it comes to finding a new home. Reports of “silent discrimination” from all over the country of LGBT individuals and couples who have been rejected for home loans, not showed all the properties on the market, etc. because of their sexual preferences. Here is a look at the solution to this problem. A Few Facts Most people do not believe in the degree of discrimination that LGBT individuals and couples have to face on a daily

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