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Memphis, TN, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Memphis, Tennessee, is the largest city in the state with more than 650,000 residents. Its metro area actually spreads into Arkansas and Mississippi, and while it’s home to over 1.3 million people, it’s still smaller than the Nashville metro. The city is known for its Memphis in May festival that hosts many different events throughout the entire month. Memphis also hosts many different music and cultural festivals, including the Africa in April celebration and the Memphis Italian Fes

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Memphis’ 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Memphis, Tennessee, is the largest city in the stated despite the fact that it’s the youngest of the major cities in Tennessee.  Memphis is home to the Outflix Film Festival, a major LGBT film festival, now in its fifteenth year.  Even though Memphis is located in the South, an area that isn’t always friendly to the LGBT community, the city is very welcoming.  Memphis has one major LGBT neighborhood: the Midtown/Downtown area.  Midtown features a number of older

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Gay Realtor Memphis | Real Estate | Neighborhoods and Housing

Memphis is a huge metropolis that sprawls over  324 square miles and is comprised of hundreds of neighborhoods. It is located where the Wolf and Mississippi rivers meet and the downtown is located on a bluff that faces the water known as Chickasaw. It is known mainly as a “musical city” as it has been home to many music legends including Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Al Green and Justin Timberlake. As of November 2012 the average price per square foot in Memphis

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Gay Realtors Memphis Neighborhoods

Though Tennessee may be ranked fairly low on the list of gay-friendly states, the Memphis area has always had a reputation for being open-minded and accepting according to gay realtors Memphis. For this reason, many young gay and lesbian couples have a reason to seek to relocate to this area. Memphis offers a very lively and active gay bar scene, including such famous places as The Pumping Station, The Backstreet Night Club, Crossroads, Dru’s Place, The Jungle, and Madison Flame. Each bar

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Gay Realtor Memphis Top Neighborhoods

Gay realtor Memphis recommends that you research neighbourhoods with the help of a free relocation kit before moving here. There are many gentrified communities in this town that are up and coming and that are attractive to property investors and home owners alike. The bustling downtown area that is full of coffee houses, shops and bars is known as Midtown. The area is full of grand Victorian homes and also smaller mid-century homes and apartment buildings. This is also the artsy area of town t

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