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Santa Fe, New Mexico, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Santa Fe, New Mexico, has some incredible architecture. The “Santa Fe Style” is definitely unique to the city. The original Spanish town was laid out in what’s called the Law of the Indies, a unique set of city planning rules established in the 1500s. Later, during the early 1900s, the city actually passed an ordinance creating a unified city look. Since then, the Spanish Pueblo Revival look has been the main building style of Santa Fe, creating a unique look. Later, Territoria

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Santa Fe’s 2015 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

New Mexico’s capital city, Santa Fe, is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. The city is known for its arts and culture and as a popular destination for retirement. Santa Fe also has a good sized LGBT population, too.  In fact, some people say that there’s no real gay district—all of Santa Fe is incredibly gay friendly. The city is fairly diverse and laid back.  In fact, there aren’t really that many gay or lesbian bars in the city—there are just bars whe

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Gay Realtor Santa Fe | Housing | Real Estate Market Trends

If you are looking for a relaxed resort-like place to live our Santa Fe gay realtor recommends this city and its geography, which is a combination of desert and mountain peaks. The metropolis is very LGBT-friendly with many amazing art galleries, boutiques, spas, clubs and restaurants.  It is also a surprisingly affordable place for people to live and it has a large retirement community. Santa Fe is known by its zip codes as it is a sprawling area. One of the most desirable and expensive p

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Gay Realtors Santa Fe | Neighborhoods | Real Estate

Living in any of the gay realtors Santa Fe recommended top neighborhoods is like living in a resort area. If there is one thing Santa Fe is known for, it is great outdoor life-style opportunities. It is situated near amazing ancient Indian healing grounds and it is surrounded by mountain peaks and magnificent desert landscapes.  This charming place with its boutiques, cafes, galleries and great shopping also boasts amazing low-end and high-end cuisine. It also has unique weather for its loc

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Gay Real Estate Santa Fe | Mortgage Scams | Realtors

Gay real estate Santa Fe recommends that buyers and sellers work with licensed real estate agents because there are a lot of sharks and outright con artists that are in the business. One of the main kinds of mortgage fraud has to do when someone uses another person’s identity to obtain a mortgage that they never would have gotten if the truth about the applicant was told. This type of mortgage fraud is called using a “straw buyer.” The straw buyer is someone who has good cred

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Gay Realtors Santa Fe on When A Buyer’s Loan Falls Through

It seems that it is all too common nowadays for a buyer’s loan to fall through even after the deposit money and other fees have been put in escrow. Gay realtors Santa Fe has seen sellers practically have a nervous breakdown at the news that a deal has fallen through simply because they may be depending on that money to help them seal the deal on their next house and also to move.  Gay realtors Sante Fe has noticed that the failure of a loan to be approved impacts a lot more people th

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Gay Realtor Sante Fe Tips on Buying Properties Online

Gay realtor Sante Fe has noted the number of long distance buyers when it comes to investment properties these days. Many of them are looking for homes or multi-unit apartment buildings that they can rent out. Looking for information online is a great way to scope out a potential property whether you live in Sante Fe or live quite far away are looking to invest in properties in suburban or downtown Sante Fe. It is quite easy to get a very good idea of what a property might be like because most

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