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Boston, MA, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and is the largest city in the state. While it’s only about 48 square miles in size, it’s home to more than 650,000 people. It is the heart of the Greater Boston Metro Area, which has more than 4.7 million residents. Boston serves as a major hub for culture, the economy, and education. It’s also one of the major historical areas in New England. People travel from all over the U.S. to see the site of the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacr

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Boston’s 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Boston is a great city full of history.  You’ll find plenty of museums and historical sites to visit, plus the view from the coast is incredible.  While the city and most of the state of Massachusetts as a whole are very welcoming to LGBT people, Boston does have a few neighborhoods that are especially welcoming. The South End is located in Boston’s downtown area.  It is home to some great bars and nightclubs.  Homes in the South End are fairly expensive.  C

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Gay Realtors Boston | Real Estate | Agents and Housing

There are several gay realtor Boston top neighborhoods that are great to live in but the most well known of the areas is probably Boston’s South End. This area is not only one of Boston’s most picturesque and historic neighbourhoods, it is also where the action is when it comes to gay lifestyle, entertainment and activism.   The South End used to be a seedier part of town in the sixties and seventies but it has since been gentrified, to the point that it may not be affordab

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Prices Continue to Rise on Boston Homes

Home prices in Greater Boston increased in August as optimism for a continued recovery in the region’s housing market gains momentum, according to the Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller Home Price Index, a measure of U.S. home prices. Boston area home prices increased by 1.7 percent over the same month one year ago. Boston was one of 19 U.S. cities where the index posted positive monthly gains. News on home prices confirms other good news about housing. Single-family housing start

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Where the Massachusetts Millionaires Live

To be sure, there are more ways than one to take stock of the cities and towns with the most millionaires next door, with each measuring stick offering its own set of varied results. Whether one methodology is more accurate or relevant than the next is anyone’s guess. What’s for certain is that Greater Boston’s leafy suburbs to the west are among the state’s wealthiest, no matter how you slice it. Based on state tax data on millionaire filers in 2010, towns such as Westo

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Boston Gay Realtor Advice about Home Insurance

Before you buy or rent a home gay realtor Boston has advice about insurance. Insurance rates can be high in this city depending, because residents experience special issues with the age of properties. This can raise the rates of renter’s insurance and add thousands to the cost of buying a house.  Most types of home and renters insurance will cover everything in your place and depending on the package you can also get coverage for items in your yard, garage and even contents in your v

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