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Baltimore, MD Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Baltimore is one of the largest cities in the U.S. and the largest in Maryland. It’s also classified as an independent city, which means it’s not part of a county. Baltimore has the distinction of having the most public monuments per capita out of any city in the United States, including some of the earliest places to be named as historic districts. In total, there are over 65,000 buildings on the National Register, which is about one out of every three in the city. The economy of B

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Baltimore’s 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland, sits on the Patapsco River.  Called a city of neighborhoods, Baltimore was home to such well-known celebrities as Edgar Allen Poe and Billie Holiday.  It’s also home to a growing LGBT population. Fells Point and Patterson Park (often considered one area) is the classic gay neighborhood.  It’s home to a large variety of people—all ages, ethnicities, and income groups live in this part of Baltimore.  Condos in this fri

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Baltimore, Maryland | Relocation Information | Gay Neighborhoods

Many people ask where to find the best gay (sometimes referred to as LGBTQ, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning) neighborhoods in Baltimore. Gay people, like straight people, live everywhere. However, some places are more LGBTQ-friendly than others. Gay and gay-friendly realtors in Baltimore can help you find “top LGBT neighborhoods” so that you experience a comfortable and exciting relocation to the city. Many people consider Mount Vernon to be Baltimore's most po

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Gay Realtor Baltimore | Best Neighborhoods | Real Estate

Gay realtor Baltimore can suggest excellent and interesting neighborhoods for home buyers and property investors. Of course what neighborhood best suits you is going to have a lot to do with what your needs are as an owner, or what will suit your requirements best as an investor. A very popular area in Baltimore is Charles Village which is bordered by 28th Street, 33rd Street, Greenmount Avenue and Maryland Avenue. The area is historic and very clean. This is an up and coming genteel neighborho

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Gay Realtor Baltimore | Maryland Relocation | Attractions

There are seven major benefits of living in Baltimore, Maryland. Many people enjoy living the in Baltimore-Washington region for the same reasons the area attracts visitors from around the world all year long. First and foremost, Baltimore is a major site for culture and history, with impressive architecture and monuments. The old row homes along Fell’s point, the myriad of restaurants and museums along the inner harbor, and such sites as the grave of Edgar Allen Poe, make Baltimore a pri

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Gay Realtor Baltimore | Real Estate and Housing

Baltimore is huge city with many diverse neighborhoods to invest in or make as your home. A gay realtor Baltimore can help you find the area that is best for your lifestyle as well as give you expert advice about where to find affordable homes. It is the largest city in the state of Maryland and is located partly on the Patapsco River that is an arm of the Chesapeake Bay.  This picturesque place was once a thriving harbour but now has a thriving service – based economy. As is true i

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September Slow for Baltimore Home Sales

The number of homes sold in the Baltimore area last month was nearly 10 percent higher than the year-earlier period — but down significantly from August, according to data released Tuesday by an affiliate of the region's multiple-listing service. In September, Baltimore and its five neighboring counties saw 2,055 residences sold, down from 2,405 in August, according to sales figures from Rockville-based RealEstate Business Intelligence LLC. "All property segments posted lower than averag

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Governor Martin O’Malley Announces Home Sales and Sales Prices on the Rise in Maryland

BALTIMORE, MD (July 19, 2012)– Governor Martin O’Malley today joined by Department of Housing and Community Development Secretary Ray Skinner, state and local officials, realtors and community leaders at a new homeowner’s residence in Baltimore City, announced positive trends in both the State and Baltimore City’s housing markets. Home sales statewide increased for the fifth consecutive month in June, marking the most home sales in one month since June of 2010. Maryland&r

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