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Tampa, FL Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

There’s a reason why there are more than 4 million people living in the Greater Tampa Bay area. Actually, there are several reasons: Tampa is one of the best outdoor cities, one of the most popular, and is a top city for those in their twenties – according to Forbes, the Pew Research Center, and New York University. Tampa is also listed as a Gamma+ world city, which means it’s in the third bracket of major cities around the world. Tampa is a major vacation destination, especia

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Tampa, Florida Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Tampa, Florida, was a fairly quiet town until the late 1800s when, thanks to the railroad industry, the city exploded. Today, there are over 350,000 people living in Tampa, including a fairly large LGBT population.  The GaYbor District is the most well-known LGBT neighborhood in Tampa. It’s part of the historic Ybor City and is home to many gay bars, nightclubs, and other businesses. The GaYbor area is centered around the intersection of 15th Street and 8th Avenue, and it’s eas

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Tampa, FL – Focus on the Ybor City Gayborhood

Tampa, Florida is a huge metropolis of 346,037 that is located on the west coast of Florida.  As it is so big it is usually called the Tampa Bay area.  It is a naturally beautiful place to live and Forbes ranked it as the fifth best outdoor city five years ago. It is a humid,  low, swampy place to live with the highest point in the city only being 48 feet above sea level.  There is a lot of water in the city including Palm River, which flows through the city and offers nearby

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Gay Realtor Tampa | Neighborhoods | Real Estate

One of the best things about living in Tampa is the diversity of the neighborhoods and the diversity that you have to choose from if you are trying to buy a home for yourself or as an investment. Gay real estate Tampa Bay wants you to note that this is a great area of Florida to buy newer homes and also buy homes that give you a lot of access to the great outdoors. If you are looking to do a little hip and chic swinging in the big city then gay realtor Tampa Bay recommends living in the Channel

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Gay Realtor Tampa Bay | Housing & Real Estate

Tampa Bay is actually not a city, like the metropolitan area of Tampa, but a geographical area.  It is Florida’s largest open water estuary on the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico.  It forms the coastline of the Hillsborough, Mantee and Pinellas counties. The biggest metropolis in the area is Tampa Bay itself that consists of many different neighborhoods that fluctuate widely in character and price when it comes to housing values.  This is why when it comes to determining you

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Gay Realtors Tampa Bay On How to Make Your Home Stand Out

These are tough times and the housing market is very competitive. Gay realtors Tampa Bay knows that there are bargains in the housing market everywhere to be had. How do you make your home stand out from the competition when there are several short sales in your neighborhood and a foreclosure up for sale as well? Gay realtors Tampa Bay would like to suggest that you do not compete with these bargain homes on their level. Instead you need to convince buyers to overlook the short sales and forecl

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Gay Realtor Tampa Bay With Important Information About Credit Scores

Gay realtor Tampa Bay wants home buyers to know that great credit scores are more than just a “necessary evil” when it comes to buying a new home. The credit scores that are used to calculate the terms of your mortgage, including your interest rate, are determined completely by this simple three digit number. The original purpose of the credit score, that now seems so much like a burden that prevents some hard working people from owning a home, was actually to protect users of credi

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