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San Francisco, CA, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

When someone is asked to name the gay capital of the U.S., the first name that comes to many people’s minds is San Francisco, California. Home of a huge pride event, many LGBT-owned businesses, and the Castro District, San Francisco is a gay Mecca, and many LGBT people visit it at least once in their lifetimes. One reason San Francisco is so synonymous with the LGBT community in the United States is because of the history the city has with the gay and lesbian community. The first openly g

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San Francisco’s 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

San Francisco is known around the world as one of the top gay meccas. The Castro district rose to prominence with the election of Harvey Milk to the city’s Board of Supervisors during the 1970s and his subsequent assassination. The city has the largest percent of LGBT citizens in the U.S. A 2005 survey shows that 15.4 percent of the population identified as a member of the LGBT community. San Francisco has been home to many gay firsts in the United States: the first lesbian-rights group w

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San Francisco Hot Neighborhoods | Housing | Gay Real Estate Agents

San Francisco, with all of its LGBT-positive attributes, is also a city where the price per square foot is rapidly rising.  As of spring 2013, our San Francisco gay realtors have noted that the price per square foot is a whopping $615, which is a 16.9% rise compared to last year. Going along with this general trend is the median home sales price that has a 23.4% increase in price since last year for the first quarter of 2013. At the same time the number of home sales decreased 30.1%, showi

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Gay Realtor San Francisco | Housing Options | Real Estate

San Francisco, California is the leading cultural and economic center of California and is a city known for being extraordinarily gay-friendly. In fact, many would say it is the center of gay activism and progressive LGBT movement in the United States. This big city has many different neighborhoods ranging in price, character and development. That is why it is very important to consult with a gay realtor San Francisco who knows the city well and is willing to help you get the best deal possible

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San Francisco Home Prices Continue to Rise

Single-family home prices up 16 percent in September. Alameda County saw its median sales price climb 12.6 percent to $422,250 from a year earlier, while Contra Costa County's rose 25 percent to $325,000. Santa Clara County's median price was up 13 percent above last September at $610,500, and the San Mateo County median was $688,000, up 18 percent. Read more at the Mercury News. ~ Gay Realtors San Francisco bringing our LGBT community the top residential real estate stori

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Gay Realtor San Francisco on Selling Your Deal

Gay realtor San Francisco advises sellers, that selling a home is not just about making it attractive, it is also about giving the buyers some kind of deal that they just can’t refuse.  In fact, selling the deal is as important as selling any other aspect of the home whether it be new steel appliances, a remodeled master bath or new wood floors. If you’re missing the “deal” then gay realtor San Francisco advises you to find an agent who will help you come up with on

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