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Los Angeles, CA, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Los Angeles, California, is home to more than 4 million people, and that’s just counting those who live in LA proper. The metro area is home to many more. The only city larger than LA in the United States is New York City. This diverse city is home to a number of different industries, but most know it as the heart of the entertainment world. Many movie and television stars live in LA, and most of the major US studios are located there. LA has a large number of LGBT residents, many of whom

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Los Angeles’ 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Los Angeles, the City of Angels.  The city has the second largest LGBT population in the U.S., so as you’d expect, there are a number of areas in the city where the gay and lesbian community gathers.  West Hollywood, which is technically a city in its own right, sits between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The city’s population includes many gay men, and the city is so LGBT friendly that its official seal is done in rainbow colors.  Condos range from $289,000 to $2

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Gay Realtor Los Angeles | Housing Options | Real Estate

Los Angeles California is the most populated city in the entire United States. The city of actually 502 square miles in size. Being such a big city with a dense population, it has many different neighborhoods and there are extremes of price, neighborhood character and community progressiveness. That is why it is very important to consult with a gay realtor Los Angeles housing expert who knows the city well and is willing to help you locate here and get the best deal possible. This beauti

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Gay Real Estate Los Angeles on Selling Celebrity Homes

Gay real estate Los Angeles experts have noted that nowadays it takes more than a famous name behind the address to boost the price of a property. It used to be that just the mere mention of a name like Brad Pitt, Meg Ryan or Madonna would skyrocket the price of a property. However nowadays gay real estate Los Angeles agents have noted that almost everybody is a celebrity and fame is a bit more of a rarity. Since the recession people have been more impressed with old Hollywood glamour and less

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Gay Realtors Los Angeles On Home Layouts to Avoid

When investing in property gay realtors Los Angeles advise staying away from properties that have bad layouts. Sometimes a bad layout in a home is obvious ~ the bedroom is where the front hall should be and the kitchen is in the basement. If something seems upside down about the house then it is usually due to a bad layout or what we call functional obsolescence. The problem is that it can be hard to sell a home with a terrible layout. You can buy a home and try to correct but gay realtors Los

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Gay Realtor Los Angeles Discusses Renting to Save to Buy

Gay realtor Los Angeles  has noted that in the past the big trend in real estate used to be to leave home, buy a smaller home, eventually flip that, and then buy a second home for raising a family. However many young people are postponing buying that first home and instead renting smaller closet like condos to live in until they can afford a permanent investment. This means that the old saying that “rent money is dead money” may no longer be true. Owning a house may be an overw

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